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eBONY360 CONCEPT is the online Information Communication Technology arm of 4G Square Network. We are passionate about getting Company/business appear online and attracting clients to your most exciting value proposition. Click on the Contact page today to discover how we can serve you better.

Anthony Edung


About your Web Designer

Hi, my name is Anthony Edung and I want to design and develop a website for you. I spent a few years after college working with my Dad in his company were i learn Graphic design. have gotten so many experience on the ICT field  “Social Network Coordinator, Newspaper design School management software and finally working together with my dad in his company #4G Square Network.

After realizing that I wanted to do something different. I spent some time on my personal blog at home and decided that I wanted to learn more about that. After discovering that the things I wanted to do need more experience I decided to go get some training. That experience led me into web design, where I have focused my learning ever since. I am always learning, always trying to improve, and I am very excited about sharing my passion for web design with you!!

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